4 Reasons ad-hoc work in the tertiary healthcare sector will benefit you.

Working on an ad-hoc basis can sometimes get a bad reputation. In the tertiary healthcare sector, however, this is a viable way of gaining valuable experience in the industry. The healthcare sector is ever growing, and in constant need of experienced individuals to provide support in areas such as the operating theatre, and ad-hoc work may be the new and flexible way to achieve this. So, what exactly can ad-hoc work offer you? And how could it suit your lifestyle and any current experience?

A variety of contracts to suit all.

Ad-hoc work in this field is extremely flexible, particularly because of the variety of contracts available. These will be either short-term, medium-term, or long-term, so you know exactly where you stand before you begin the role. Flexible hours also allow for an excellent work/life balance, which will significantly benefit your overall wellbeing – an important consideration in modern society. This type of work is perfectly suited to a number of lifestyles, allowing you to do what you love, develop your skills, and work at a pace that suits you.

Once your contract is finished, you are then able to enjoy your free time as you wish, before going on to begin new and exciting opportunities.

Receive extra training.

Whilst on the job, you may also be able to take part in additional training in new fields of work in the healthcare sector. Multiple contracts with multiple employers will mean that your skillset is diverse and suited to more types of work. This also provides fantastic experiences in areas of work that you had never even considered, highlighting new potential career opportunities. Any extra training you take part can also be added to your CV. On the whole, this will significantly improve your appeal to future employers, as they are always on the lookout for highly skilled individuals to undertake specific job roles.

Positions in a variety of specialisms.

One of the most interesting factors of ad-hoc work is that you’ll always be doing something different. This will allow you to further develop any interpersonal skills such as time management, organisation, and communication in the workplace as well as general experience in different theatre support specialisms. Again, this will be a fantastic addition to your CV. The opportunity to work with a variety of teams, and in multiple work environments will allow you to make valuable connections in the industry, whilst always experiencing continuous variety in the type of work that you do. It’s fair to say, therefore, that ad-hoc work is never boring, especially in your specific field of interest.

You also won’t be subject to problematic office politics, as you will only be employed by the firm in question for a specified period of time.

Earn additional income.

Finally, a fantastic aspect of undergoing ad-hoc work alongside any other form of employment will allow you to bring in some additional income. This can be extremely valuable if you’re looking to support to any current household income, or if you’re looking to save for a special occasion. You could save for a fantastic holiday, your future home, pay off some debt, or just save for a rainy day. However the money is used, it’s always nice to know that you have a little extra available every month.

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