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About Casemax

We are a service solution provider operating in the tertiary healthcare sector.

Medical Device Supplier

“We offer Medical Device suppliers a service which has not previously been available in the UK” 

CaseMax specialise in the provision of highly experienced individuals working specifically within the operating theatre environment. Their role is to assist the theatre team on behalf of the healthcare company supplying the implant for a specific operation. Our service offers healthcare companies the ability to provide experienced theatre professionals at those times when demand outweighs supply.

CaseMax Ltd is a group brand currently consisting of two distinct business streams which each provide a tailored service solution for our clients;

CaseMax Theatre Support (CTS)

A dynamic and flexible service solution to those businesses who require professional and experienced theatre support staff on an ad-hoc basis. We specialise in providing anything from one off case cover through to a more structured contract such as covering maternity leave or supporting vacant territories. CaseMax Clinical Theatre Support (CTS) is a non-promotional division and has no commercial bias whilst operating in this sector.

CaseMax Surgical Placements (CSP)

A unique and tailored service solution to those businesses that require a more structured approach to their front end commitment within theatres. We specialise in providing short to medium term placements of professional and experienced theatre personnel in order to support and oversee existing accounts. Whilst CaseMax Surgical Placements (CSP) do commit solely and exclusively on individual assignments for our cients, we are a non-promotional division and focus on after sales service and execution.

How Casemax Works

“The CaseMax model is designed to work in synergy with your current sales force structure” 

By utilising CaseMax services within your existing front end model you can confidently;

  • provide a service solution for your customers when demand for Clinical Support is outweighed by supply

  • offer true flexibility and react to customer demand; delighting your customers with experience, enthusiasm and commitment

  • drive down your front end costs by utilising our resources on a tailored and flexible basis

  • confidently tender for new business wins in the knowledge you can provide excellent Clinical Support to those new accounts

CaseMax people are;

  • trained in the products they are asked to represent

  • DBS checked

  • carry the necessary indemnity insurance

  • have MIA theatre access course accreditation