Why Us

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“We strive to be market leaders in the field of technical support for medical device companies.

“Our mission is to boost the capability of our clients by enabling them to concentrate on the core aspects of their business.”

CaseMax offers a unique service solution for healthcare suppliers who are experiencing high demand for clinical support in the operating theatre environment. Through engaging CaseMax services we can work to your specific requirements and supply technical theatre support on either a flexible, ad hoc basis or longer term contract.

CaseMax is an independent business. We specialise in providing technical assistance and clinical support for those times when theatre teams would benefit from the assurance of a company representative being present. CaseMax can help industry healthcare providers to give that assurance through offering specific product knowledge and technical support during the operation.

Years of attending cases in theatre has given us an appreciation of the challenges faced by theatre teams in a demanding and pressurised environment. The little details that can make the difference to a procedure going well or not, are part of our understanding. We treat the theatre environment with the respect and consideration required which is why all CaseMax personnel are highly trained experienced industry professionals.